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  • February 12, 2024 5 min read

    Doing laundry is one of those household chores that we all have to do, but often dread. It can feel tedious measuring and pouring liquid or powder detergent, trying not to spill it everywhere, remembering which cycle or settings to use, and then having to deal with residue or buildup over time. What if there was a way to streamline the process so laundry was as simple as tossing a sheet into the wash? Now there is, with Purecise’s innovative Toss and Go Laundry Detergent Sheets! These clever sheets contain concentrated plant-based detergent in a dissolvable film so your laundry routine is easier than ever. 

    A Chore Almost Everyone Dreads

    Laundry sits high on the list of household tasks we dislike. A recent survey showed it ranks third after cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes! Both men and women agreed that they don’t enjoy doing multiple loads per week, sorting clothes, cleaning out the lint trap, or remembering which fabrics and colors can or cannot mix in the wash. Other complaints centered on liquid or powder detergents being messy, having to pretreat really dirty spots, smelling bad odors if clothes sit too long wet, and having to lug a heavy basket around. With so many pain points, it’s no wonder the chore induces headaches for many busy folks. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler, easier way?

    The Innovation of Dissolvable Detergent Sheets 

    While laundry detergent sheets is not a new concept, brands like Laundress, have been offering high-end laundry detergent liquids for a few years. Purecise has introduced a unique product twist. They've developed a powerful dissolvable laundry detergent sheet specifically designed for effortless use. These slim sheets begin dissolving upon contact with water during the wash cycle. This innovative approach releases an ultra-concentrated, plant-based formula that effectively permeates fabrics, lifting stains and ensuring consistently clean clothes. 

    Purecise designed its Toss and Go Sheets to be portable and convenient for today's busy consumers. The skinny box means you can tuck some sheets near any place your clothes might come off, like by the washing machine, in a gym bag, or even at the office for those who bike to work! No more running to the laundry room and realizing you’re out of detergent at an inconvenient time. The individually measured sheets also mean you only use what you need for each load, thereby reducing waste compared to always pouring from a huge bottle. Their compact design takes up less shelf space while still offering 60 regular or 30 extra-large loads per box. Once you try them, you'll never return to typical messy powder or overflowing liquid bottles again!

    Putting the Toss and Go Sheets to the Test

    We gathered a variety of fabrics, from athletic wear to delicate to heavy denim, to test how the sheets would handle different levels of dirt and odor. Without pretreating or spot-cleaning anything ahead of time, even the clothes with obvious stains. Here are the results:

    • They worked equally well in both cold washes and hot or warm loads. The sheets were fully dissolved also in cold water, they performed the same regardless of temperature.

    • The sheets dissolved fully every time, even in old top-loading machines. By checking the drum after each cycle, it saw no evidence of the film itself, just clean wet clothes. 

    • Detected no residue or buildup even on typically tricky elastic bands around sheets and athletic apparel. Nor any greasy feel or filminess on technical fabrics.

    • They removed both protein-based and oily stains with no pretreatment needed. Talking about salad dressing drips on shirts, foundation marks on collars, bacon grease splatters, etc. Impressively, it worked on 2-day-old stains.

    • They kept colors bright and eliminated, rather than masked or blurred, dingy discoloration on white clothes. No special bleach step is required.

    • Odors - even teenage boy sweaty socks and gym clothes came out fresher. The light, clean scent of the sheets didn’t overwhelm or clash with fabric softener either.

    • A single sheet sufficiently handled both small and large loads. I used one for a solo activewear refresh and one for a family-sized mass of multiple outfits and linens.

    • The sheets are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. As someone who breaks out occasionally from strong detergents, I had no issues wearing clothes cleaned with the plant powered formula. 

    Who Can Benefit from Using Laundry Sheets?

    Purecise’s Toss and Go Sheets are useful for just about any household! Their simplicity takes the headaches out of laundry. Busy professionals, families with kids, college students, older adults, and anyone who needs clean clothes can appreciate these sheets specifically designed to simplify the chores.

    People with limited strength or mobility will gain their independence back through the easy application of just tossing the detergent sheet in the machine. Parents enjoy the mess-free, child-safe aspect—no spills for kids to step in or ingest.

    Skipping the plastic, not the clean; these plant-based laundry detergent sheets offer a sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents, reducing single-use plastics and minimizing your environmental impact. Those with eczema or sensitive skin may find the plant-based hypoallergenic sheets less irritating on their body. Minimalists can free up cabinet space, and the clutter in their living spaces.

    The Future of Laundry Looks Bright!

    As more consumers discover the ease of Purecise Toss and Go Laundry Sheets, the days of spilled bottles of laundry detergent might fade into history. Innovations that aim to simplify daily household drudgery gain lots of buzz and investors for a good reason - they create seconds and minutes of time savings that quickly multiply over weeks, months, and years. That adds up to more precious time doing what we enjoy instead!

    And the dissolvable sheet itself shows promise extending far beyond the washing machine. As manufacturing processes allow embedding active ingredients into plant and algae-based pods, we may use them as dishwashers or even toilet cleaning sheets too! The convenience-driven market continues pushing creative companies like Purecise to enhance and streamline all sorts of cleaning routines. 

    The bottom line is that ecology-minded products offering straightforward solutions to everyday problems tend to succeed. We as consumers vote with our dollars, choosing to bring into our lives tools and systems that make things a bit smoother. Laundry detergent sheets check all the current boxes of convenience, innovation, effectiveness, and sustainability. I, for one, eagerly welcome the day when all my cleaning routines become as simplified as tossing a sheet and walking away! Purecise’s clever little sheets bring us one step closer to that reality.