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  • July 03, 2023 5 min read

    Are you ready for a fun-filled, eco-friendly RV adventure with your family? There's nothing quite like the thrill of exploring new places, enjoying the outdoors, and making memories with your loved ones. As we hit the open road on our RV adventure, we had a long journey ahead of us from Pennsylvania to Oregon, crossing the vast Rocky Mountains. The scenic beauty of nature was mesmerizing, and we were all excited to explore it together. We had everything we needed packed in our RV, including our Purecise Laundry Detergent Sheets for easy and eco-friendly laundry care.

    As we made our way through the mountains, we were mindful of our impact on the environment. It's not just about using eco-friendly laundry products, but also about leaving a minimal footprint on the environment. That's why we were thrilled to discover many campgrounds that have implemented eco-friendly practices such as recycling facilities, composting opportunities, and renewable energy sources. Choosing to stay at these types of campsites ensured sustainability and inspired us to be more environmentally conscious.

    As we traveled further, we appreciated that RV travel is not just for couples or adults, it can also be a great way to travel with the kids. Our RV is spacious enough to accommodate our whole family, and we had plenty of activities planned to keep the kids entertained. We made sure to pack some board games, books, and even brought along a portable movie projector for outdoor movie nights.

    One of the best parts of RV travel with kids is the flexibility it provides. We were able to adjust our itinerary to include kid-friendly destinations and activities. Some of our favorites included visiting national parks, hiking trails, and even going on a scavenger hunt. We also made sure to give the kids some responsibility in the RV, such as helping with setting up and breaking down camp while keeping in mind sustainability principles and teaching them to be earth and eco-friendly. This not only taught them valuable life skills but also gave them a sense of independence and ownership in the trip.

    Of course, traveling with kids also meant more laundry to do. But thanks to Purecise Laundry Detergent Sheets, doing laundry on the road was a breeze. They were lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack and store in our RV. Plus, they were easy to use with no measuring, pouring, messy spills or exploding pods to worry about. Despite their small size, they packed a powerful punch when it came to cleaning and were gentle on our fabrics.

    Our RV adventure was not just about having fun, but also about living sustainably on the road. We made sure to practice Leave No Trace principles, leaving campsites in better condition than we found them by avoiding single-use plastics and minimizing waste. We even connected with other environmentally conscious travelers on forums and social media groups to share experiences and ideas.

    As we crossed the Rocky Mountains with beautiful scenic views, we were grateful for the opportunity to travel in such a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Our RV adventure was a true family bonding experience, filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

    In addition to the kid-friendly RV travel experience mentioned earlier, here are some additional ideas to make your family RV adventure even more memorable while being eco-friendly:
    1. Plan outdoor activities that cater to everyone's interests - Whether it's hiking, swimming, or visiting museums, make sure to plan activities that cater to everyone's interests. This will keep everyone engaged and excited about the trip.
    2. Bring along healthy snacks - RV travel can make it tempting to indulge in junk food, but it's important to stay healthy on the road. Bring along water or drink from the natural springs, and eat healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and low sugar protein bars to keep everyone fueled up and energized.
    3. Incorporate learning opportunities - RV travel provides ample opportunities for learning. Take advantage of this by incorporating educational activities such as visiting historical sites, national parks, and attending local events.
    4. Take advantage of technology for sustainability choose equipment that leverages natural resources, such as portable solar panels, water filters and purifiers etc.
    5. Allow for downtime - It's important to allow for some downtime during your RV adventure. This will give everyone a chance to recharge and relax, whether it's by reading a book, playing a game, or just enjoying the scenery.

    As we continued our journey, we made a stop at a local RV park in Colorado. It was amazing to see how many other families were also traveling in their RVs, some with young children just like us. We struck up conversations with our fellow RVers, exchanging tips and stories of our travels.

    One of the families we met had a great suggestion for a kid-friendly activity - geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunt-style game where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers, or "caches." It was a fun and interactive way to explore the outdoors and keep the kids engaged.

    We also made sure to continue our eco-friendly practices on the road and made use of the laundry detergent sheets when the kids get messy from playing in the water or fields. We looked for RV parks with recycling facilities and composting opportunities and made sure to minimize our waste and use of single-use plastics. We even started using biodegradable paper plates and utensils for our meals to reduce our impact on the environment.

    As we reached the Rocky Mountains, we were amazed by the stunning views and wildlife we encountered along the way. We made stops at national parks and wilderness areas, taking in the fresh mountain air and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.

    At night, we would gather around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. Tim brought along a guitar playing some classic rock tunes and had impromptu sing-alongs with our fellow RVers.

    As we made our way westward, we eventually reached our destination - Oregon. We found a quiet spot on the coast to park our RV and enjoy the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. It was the perfect end to our RV adventure.

    Looking back on our family trip, we were grateful for the memories we made with all the kids and the opportunity to explore the country in an eco-friendly way. Our use of Purecise Laundry Detergent Sheets made laundry a breeze and allowed us to focus on the adventures that awaited us on the road.

    So, traveling cross country with kids in an RV can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices. By using Purecise Laundry Detergent Sheets and following Leave No Trace principles, we were able to minimize our impact on the environment and fully enjoy the beauty of nature along the way. With a little planning and creativity, RV travel can be the perfect family adventure.